ThirdOffer - Helping Toyota Dealers Improve their TLE Score

tle app
  • TLE is a singular measurement created by Toyota to replace CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). It measures sales and service loyalty based on customer actions.
  • The TLE score is important for many reasons, none more important than the fact that its a measurement included in the Toyota dealer agreement.
  • Toyota also created The LEO platform, a dealer daily app allowing Toyota dealers to pull their TLE customer lists.
  • ThirdOffer is a web app that takes the LEO platform to the next level by identifying customers that are decreasing a dealers TLE score and providing the necessary tools and information to re-engage those customers.

Lesson: Simple problems need simple solutions

When I started this project, I didn't know how to improve TLE scores. I just knew there is a list of Toyota owners that don't use their local Toyota dealership and I needed to change that. I thought a specialized CRM that focused on TLE customer lists, to track sales and service history and any re-engagement attempts was a good start. So that's what I built...

I signed up for to build the CRM, it's a good low-code tool for a minimal viable product. I built the CRM fairly quickly, and it worked, but it was overkill.

I didn't realize that improving a dealers TLE score was such a simple problem.

  • Identify the customers decreasing the TLE score
  • Identify the services those customer need right now
  • Offer it to them

I'm rethinking the solution, maybe a familiar spreadsheet for the list with a few extra tools to help communicate with the customers.