Personal Brands in Automotive Retailing

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What is a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is about establishing authority, trust and connections in order to capture attention for a message, service or product.

A youtuber or influencer is an example of a personal brand. They develop a unique voice and style to attract a following so they can share information, sell a product or just entertain.

A speaker or coach build their personal brand around a specific topic. Sharing their knowledge and experience to help others achieve something they struggle doing on their own.

A dealership or manufacturer brand is not a personal brand. But they are almost always thought of first when buying a car.

Today’s car buying process (simplified)

  • Step 1. Research online.
  • Step 2. Contact a dealer to answer any remaining questions.
  • Step 3. Finalize a deal.
  • Step 4. Schedule delivery.

The salesperson is a cog in the wheel when buying a car.
A salesperson’s personal brand is irrelevant in today’s car buying process.

If a personal brand is irrelevant in automotive retail, why build it?

Do you see step 2 above…

Car buyers contact a dealer to answer any remaining questions.
If you’re a salesperson, that’s you.

  • Customers are hoping you have the knowledge to answer their questions.
  • Customers are hoping you’re trustworthy.
  • Customers are hoping you’re not just telling them something to get a sale.

You have a skill.
Something car buyers want
Done right, it’s something they’ll pay for

Build your personal brand…

Stand out from other sales people.
Show proof you are knowledgeable and trustworthy.
To close more deals.
To create your own traffic.

Your leads → Your rules
We’ll talk about that another time

That’s what a personal brand can do for you.

Connect with car buyers because of your reputation, not because the dealer assigned an internet lead to you.

Car Salespeople Rarely Develop their Personal Brand. Why?

You don’t need to! The dealer provides the traffic for you.

As a dealership salesperson, you made a deal with the dealer. You follow the dealership rules and you can work their leads.

  • Rule: Work bell to bell.
  • Rule: Work every Saturday.
  • Rule: If it snows, you’re the lot boy. Clearing the snow off every car.

Those are the shitty rules you agreed to.

Your job is to show, sell and deliver cars to the dealers leads.
And if digital retailing ever catches on, the selling part may go away.

You don’t have to build a person brand,

But what if you do…

Benefits of a personal brand in automotive retail.

I don’t know yet…

Go to any dealer, tell them you don’t need any of their leads because you have your own. I’ll consistently sell more cars than most of the other salespeople, my grosses will be above average and our customers will be extremely satisfied. I just want to set my own schedule, working when and where I want.

I don’t know a single dealer that would not agree to that. In fact, they may even pay for someone to help you.

Maybe that’s just a dream.

But I believe it’s easier than ever in today’s market.