What is a Niche Website Platform?

It's a tool that helps create and manage a niche website

Similar to Wordpress, the tool will help content creators focus on a particular interest or topic.

Why build it?

Most people use wordpress to manage their websites. I have nothing against Wordpress...

I just wanted to build a website as a side project, that makes a little money, using SvelteKit.

I call it a platform because the main website is built around a general topic and can support multiple niche's.

I'm interested in electric bikes, to that is the niche I am focusing on with this website.

I'm building to support other users that want to create content for a different niche on the same platform. Thus... it's a website platform that can support multiple niche's.

It's a work in process

There's a lot of work to do, but I'm having fun building it. I'm learning a lot about SvelteKit and how to build a website that makes money.

It's a project to satisfy a craving and I look forward to working on it daily.