BPM - Business Process Management

Work in progress...

Why am I thinking about BPM?

Typically, in a dealership when something goes wrong and a customer is upset, the dealer is forced to spend money to fix it. He then asks why it happened, to blame someone, to prevent it from happening again, etc. What response does he get? Excuses...

The problem is most managers were high performing commissioned employees that were promoted but not trained to be a manager. A few do well, but most just struggle. They are reactive, not proactive.

4DX - 4 Disciplines of Execution

We started with 4DX, but it wasn't executed properly and only a few were involved. It certainly didn't live up to its hype of a company wide execution system for the the most important priorities.

There were a few disciplines that stuck with some of us.
  • Get out of your daily whirlwind to focus on the wildly important things
  • Lead and Lag measures

Work the System

This is a book promoting a systems approach to running a business.

Each part of the business is an independent system, documented and improved from the ground up.

As an owner, you should spend your days managing the systems that are creating the results. Working on your business, not in it.

Business Process Strategy

Strictly Followed Instantly Changed
Why BPM?
Process Mapping

UPN - Universal Process Notation

UPN explaination from Skore

BPMN 2.0 - Business Process Model and Notation

SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

  • Title and Scope - Begin with start and end why boxes
  • Capture Activities - Throw up a bunch of what boxes not worrying about the output yet
  • Outputs
  • Roles
  • Additional Information
  • 8-10 boxes on the screen
  • What, starts with a verb
  • Flow left to right
  • Drill down to lower level diagrams
  • Add supporting information
  • Lines with why between boxes are the most important

What Box - Verb and Noun

Why Box - Not a verb and noun. Powerful tool to help generate discusions about how the process really works



arrow right
Scan receipt

Sales Manager

Store in digital format
arrow right
Upload receipt

Sales Manager

arrow right
Send for approval

Sales Manager

Strictly Followed

How? Why?

The biggest failure is spending the time mapping processes and not using them. The person doing the mapping is usually the only one that knows the process. So, how do you make sure everyone is strictly following processes?

Process Reviews

Schedule them

Make process reviews a priority when a breakdown happens.

Instantly Changed

What does that mean?

We need to encurage others to question the processes, always looking for ways to improve them. This is how we make sure the processes are correct and constantly improving. Empower others to make changes, but every change must be reveiwed and authorized to before its implemented to everyone.

More process reviews

Empowering people to do the right thing is more important than following a process. The managers job is to review all changes that happen instantly whether on purpose or not.

Process Reviews

Problems become opportunities to improve processes

The first process mapped should be process reviews